The Signature Style & Colour

The Signature Style & Colour

This is about helping you to identify your individual style and how to dress for your body shape, lifestyle and budget. It will be about equipping you with the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to wear what styles of clothes and colours suit you best. I firmly believe that you can wear any colour. It is just making sure that place the colour correctly, where you wear it. I am not going to pigeon hole you or suggest that you are a cool Spring or a warm Autumn, I would like to chat with you to understand how you feel about colour. We can discuss tones of colour, warm or cool and where to position those colours on your person to best suit you. Perhaps you shy away from colour and prefer to wear one colour. Whatever your colour troubles or challenges we can identify colours that best represent your personality and suit your skin tone and perhaps help to build your confidence with introducing more colour into your wardrobe if it's lacking. We will identify colours that work together and how we use neutral colours with other colours to darken or lighten their tone. I will help to build an outfit from clothes you have already in your wardrobe using colours and neutrals. As part of this session, We will also discuss brands, shops, how to put outfits together and how accessories can complete your outfits. I will provide you with some notes from our chat so you are empowered to dress and style yourself confidently.

Price: £99.00

Time: Allow 2 Hours

Notes: This session can be done over lunch or afternoon tea, my treat.