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Signature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 Days 21-25


Hello Gorgeous people, and here we are the last 5 days of the Signature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 and I have had such fun researching and sharing my wishlist with you. It is such an exciting few days in the final lead up to Christmas, such anticipation. I have wrapped the Christmas Eve boxes a

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Signature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 Days 16-20


Hello again lovelies! So here we are again already and thank you so much for continuing on the advent calendar journey with me. the next few days are focussed on clothing with sparkle and glam and a couple of gift ideas as the big day looms closer. i hope you are prepped and not panicking on last

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SIgnature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 days 11-15


Hello lovelies, we are dashing through December at some speed. Arriving at day 11 of the advent calendar and these next 5 days feature 5 different items all from Marks and Spencer. It's the marmite shop of the high street but there is no denying Marks and Spencer remain on trend, at an afford

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Signature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 Days 6-10


Hello again fabulous lovelies. Welcome to day 6 - 10. This instalment bring us accessories, beauty, and so much more. Enjoy! 6th December 2016 Faux fur is big again this season and you can hibernate in style with this gorgeous faux fur scarf from Hush, £55. it comes in this sea

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Signature Styling Advent Calendar 2016 days 1-5


Hello fabulous lovelies. So the season is upon us. Christmas is here. So for the first time this year and hopefully for years to come I have created the Signature Styling Advent Calendar. This article will cover 25 gift ideas over 5 blog posts for the glamorous ladies, young and old, in your life

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The Green Room


If you fancy a day of bargain hunting and eating cake, then look no further than Reepham. Hiding on the top floor of the Dial House in Reepham is The Green Room. This lovely shop describes itself as a pre-loved clothing boutique and it does not disappoint. It is light and airy, the clothes ar

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40% off The Signature Style Party package


To celebrate the launch of my fabulous website, I am offering 40% off The Signature Party Package. Check out the link on the website. This is such a fun and exciting way to get an insight into all aspects of styling. You and your guests can tailor the party to your needs. We cover body shape, sea

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Best Business Cards Ever!


When I first set up my business and decided on a name I liked I went to print on business cards. I opted for a simple monochrome design with a description of my services on the back. Simple, classic, done. I didn't have a website at that time but I figured if I had business cards printed I wo

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It is a honour to be featured in this blog


When I first started looking on Instagram, I found this brilliant idea that Jacquard Flower was doing and I wanted to share it with you. All you have to do is hastag jacquardflower to have an opportinuty to be featured in this monthly blog. I found it a real inspiration and I bet y

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A-list Airport outfits - what to wear


Assembling a travel outfit and nailing your airport stylecan throw up a lot of questions. Is it really okay to travel to Heathrow in shorts just because you want to wear them the minute your step off the plane? Will you be able to stand in heels through the security queue (and then risk doing the

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What to wear at Wimbledon - Style dilemma


Summer has arrived when we are watching Wimbeldon on the television. I love spotting the famous faces in the crowd and of course admiiring the fashion. But what if you have managed to ge tickets. With the unpredictable British weather and the risk of an accident in the Pimms tent, the dilemma of

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How to grow out short hair


I have always had a love hate relationship with my fine curly hair, mostly hate actually. It has been 8 months since I made the decison to grow out my pixie cut. I am constantly searching the web for inspiration and motivational articles and tips to make it a less painful process. I found this ar

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Ginger and Duck


When in Holt or sheringham, don't hesitate to pop in to Ginger and Duck. Home decor, gifts and woman clothing. Fab, quirky, inspirational items that make great gifts or something special for your own home. I am very proud to say the owner Pippa Bennett is a very dear friend of mine and wh

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What colour should you be wearing this summer?


Another day, another lacklustre reach for the tired black jeans and white T-shirt combo. Welcome to the summer style rut. ‘Lots of women get stuck wearing neutrals such as grey, black and beige almost to the exclusion of all other colours,’ says personal stylist and colour consult

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Shirt dress - a wardrobe staple?


One of the microtrends this SS16 is the shirt dress. But they are really a wardrobe staple and choose the right one and it will become a timeless classic. Shirt dresses are very versatile and suit all body shapes. Style up with jewellery and a fab sandal. Easy for work and chic enough for a night

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